Precure Lucky DreamsEdit


  • Cures powered by different feelings, fighting beetween each over in two teams.
  • The fact that if they knew each overs real identities they wouldn't fight
  • The collection of the Feeling prisms.

Lucky dreams episodesEdit

1: A unhappy girl! Cure happiness is born!

2. I'm your allie! Making friends with a popular cure!

3. What?! The villian is cure!
4. A mysterious girl! Cure Lucky appears!
5. Double trouble! A new villian appears!
6. Living the good live! A beach party from hell!
7. Radi's secret! Cure Hope is born!
7. I don't want to fight her! Radi know's the new villian?!
8. The truth is out! She's my sister!
9. Searching for the mistery cure! Cure Lucky!
10. Breaking point! A bad battle!
11. Cure Lucky's identity! A complete team!
12. The student council president?! Weird happenings!
13. Suspicious minds! Sneak newspaper!

14. Extra! Extra! Pretty cure front page news!

15. Begining of my destruction! The final villian appears!
16. Sanae's chance! Making it to the big time!
17. Fake friends! Nadeshiko's rejected!
18. It begins! Of to find the prisms!
19. One left! Breaking point!
20. All prisms collected! Why won't it work?!
21. Heading downhill! Go to the problem!
22. A battle of hearts! Radi's fear!
23. At the clock tower! Time stops!
24. Head to head! 3 vs 4!
25. Eliminating the problem! Sanae!!!!
26. Killing to live! Goodbye, Cure Happiness!
27. Identities revealed! Miyako's sacrifice!
28. Reaching for the stars! I will save the world!
29.Cure Fogiveness is born! A sister story!
30. The final show down! A dreaming power up!
31. Back to normal! A lucky ending!

The movie 1: Kurisumasu no MonogatarEdit

Precure Lucky Dreams the movie 1: Kurisumasu no Monogatar is the first Precure Lucky dreams movie, situated just after the season ends. It translates as Precure Lucky dreams the movie 1: A christmas story.


  • Momo
  • Rida
  • Kurai
  • Sanae
  • Nadeshiko

And later in the film:

  • Miyako

The movie 2: Jouju YumeEdit

Precure Lucky dreams the movie 2: Joujo Yume is the second and lat Precure Lucky dreams movie, situated 6 months after the first film. It translates as Precure Lucky Dreams the movie 2: Dreams Fullfiled.


  • Momo
  • Miyako
  • Rida
  • Kurai
  • Sanae
  • Nadeshiko (just at the beggining of the film)