Precure Shining Stars Edit


  • Cures powered by signs of the zodiac granting them the powers of either Earth, Water, Fire or Wind.
  • Creation of the universe and multiverse.
  • All consuming evil.


Saga 1.Edit

Episode SummariesEdit

Saga 1 - Awakening and War!Edit


1. Rebirth of the land – Cure Virgo is Born!

Oblivion has created a crack in the dimensional wall awakening Geon the fairy of the earth. He begins his search for the Precures of the earth.

2. Dancing to change! – The Earth Tribe is Formed!

A girl has emegrated from Africa and meets a girl at school. On the way home the pair meet another girl and their lives are changed forever.

3. The Birth of Courage! – The Water Tribe is Complete!

The Water Tribe think they have found their final member, but can a shy and timid girl really be the Precure of Courage?

4. The Arrival of Petulance – Oblivion makes their First Strike!

Hydra is missing! The Water Tribe are shocked by the revilation of what has happened to Hydra.

5. Battle of the Tribes! – Earth Tribe Vs Water Tribe!

Bianca suspects she has discovered the identities of the Water Tribe, but when things get tricky she discovers a new power!

6. Power of the Elements! - The Truth in the Past!

Geon remembers som of his past giving the Earth Tribe new information on their mission. Petulance makes his next move.

7. Revealing the Truth! – Two Tribes Together!

When two Anti-Lifimals attack the school all the student body is in danger. Can Cure Cancer and Cure Scorpio work with Cure Taurus and Cure Capricorn to save the day?

8. Acts of Desperation! – Petulance’s Final Plan!


9. Regaining Honor! - The Fall of Petulance!

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