1•2•3 PreCure Time Travel!Edit

1•2•3 PreCure Time Travel! features 3 cures each powered by the spirit of the time. They're protecting the time kingdom from the time stoppers. 


  • Shinji Shiori (Shiro) aka Cure Past - Shiori is a very popular, happy and cheerful girl. She don't want to grow up and stay a child. She's very confident and friendly to everyone. Everyone calls her Shiro. But when people try to hurt her friends she will never forgive them. She loves to play soccer and is very good at it. She's the leader of the 1•2•3 PreCure Time Travel. She tries to help the kingdom of time so that people will never forget their memories.
  • Kazuki Doay aka Cure Future - Doay has very much confidence. She met Shiori at their school and they became Best Friends. She really wants to grow up and has many plans for the future. She loves the nature and loves to draw and is very good at it. She draws manga. She's very silence in the class. Cure Past and Cure Future are the first cures. They can only transform when they're with eachother.
  • Suzuki Ichi aka Cure Present

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